Caalma members will have access to the childcare reservation calendar via Proximity on a rolling 30 day basis with Morning and Afternoon slots available.  You’ll be charged for the full booking, even if the entire slot is not utilized. Parents/guardians must remain on the Caalma campus while their child is in care. Reservations must be cancelled 24 hours prior to receive a booking credit, regardless of the reason for cancellation. There are no refunds. We ask that you only book what you can commit to as to not take up an unused slot. 
There are 2 morning & 2 afternoon available on a given day. 

How does booking work? 

Where will my child be?

The childcare center is on the Caalma campus below the main coworking rooms. Childcare is accessible only to staff and parents who have permissions on our secure entry app. Your child may be in our activity area, baby-safe zone, indoor or outdoor playground! Your child will be accessible to you throughout the day, so feel free to visit as you please.  

What if I’m not a member but I am working upstairs for the day?

Purchasing a Coworking 1/2 or Full Day Pass is a great option when familiarizing yourself with Caalma, or if you’re in town for the day! Flex Care is available first come, first serve. Check our booking platform for availability. 

How involved or present should I be?

That is totally up to you! Parents may choose to nurse or feed their children, or leave it up to the staff. Caalma Childcare staff will be equipped to provide full care of your child throughout the day, but welcome parental involvement!

What are your hours?

Childcare Hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm but slots must be reserved. 

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